Apples at the Farmer's Market

Photo credit: North Coast Growers’ Association


The work to create this publication was conducted on unceded Wiyot territory. We are grateful to live, work, play, and grow in this place, surrounded by beauty and abundance. We are grateful to the original inhabitants of this land for their stewardship, tenacity and generosity.

Dear Reader,

On behalf of the dozens of local individuals who collaborated to bring this edition to life, welcome to the 2021 Community Food Guide!

The magazine you hold in your hands has recently undergone some changes. After four years of existence as the Local Food Guide by Locally Delicious, Cooperation Humboldt has enthusiastically taken on publication of the Guide.

It’s a natural fit, because at Cooperation Humboldt we believe that nutritious, culturally appropriate food is a fundamental human right that should never be dependent on wealth or income.

We’ve worked to create a magazine that promotes access, equity, education, and empowerment in our local food system through the following priorities:

  • Honoring the history, cultural knowledge, and experiences of local Indigenous people and centering their voices.
  • Creating an appealing, accessible, and useful tool that specifically supports those most in need.
  • Supporting local food businesses, especially those that have historically faced challenges accessing resources.
  • Promoting justice and localization in our food system.

We’ve learned a lot through this first year of the publication process, and we’re grateful for all the patience and support we received.

We hope you will enjoy the Guide, share it, and let us know how you’ve put it to use to help create a community where no one goes hungry.

Hou’ (Thank you),

Tamara McFarland
Editor; Food Team Anchor
Cooperation Humboldt

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