Care and Wellness 

Our Mission

We believe health, wellness, and care are fundamental human rights. Our team inspires transformation by creating education, services, and community partnerships that remove the profit motives of traditional healthcare. This mission empowers people to care for others and actively participate in their own well being.

At Cooperation Humboldt, our Care and Wellness Team seeks to shift the paradigm from which our culture has been operating. Our current social perspective understands health through a linear lens – a disease and a cure. Under the principles of a Solidarity Economy, we define health as a dynamic state of being; wellness as the circular process in which our being resides; care as the active participation of the being, within the process.

In assessing our community needs, our team has identified projects that fill those needs and are crafted using the guiding principles of a Solidarity Economy. Our service and education programs gather together the wealth of our shared resources and make those resources available to all people.

Glossary of Terms

Health is the balance of interactions between all things that give rise to life, challenge life to evolve and develop resilience, and regenerate life through the cycles of change.

Wellness is the balance of interactions within living systems, when those interactions support health and are cooperative and mutually beneficial.

Care is the activity that supports health and wellness, for ourselves, for each other, and for the resources that sustain life.