What We Believe

  • We believe that our current institutions are fundamentally racist, sexist, and class oppressive. This is a result of social, political and economic systems that incentivize domination and exploitation of women, people of color, and poor, homeless, disabled, queer, undocumented, and Indigenous people.
  • We believe that capitalism is an economic system based upon exploitation and oppression, and that it will destroy the planet if we do not shift to a cooperative and sustainable economic system.
  • We believe it is possible to create new institutions that incentivize cooperation, love, compassion and kindness. This new system will be capable of supporting every person with a good quality of life.
  • We believe in lifting up and supporting groups that are doing grassroots organizing with working class people and people of color, who are training organizers and building long term strategies to resist fascism and create new models for a joyous and collaborative new future reality.
  • We believe we can work with you (or your organization) even if you do not believe these things, but we want to be explicit and clear about who we are and what we believe.