2021 Year-End Campaign

Cooperation Humboldt does a lot on a very small budget. As we evaluate our financial position at year end, we are pleased to share that we’ve raised $80,000 of our goal of $120,000 from individual donors. We are honored and humbled that several large donors have already made pledges totaling $20,000, which we will receive as matching funds if we are able to raise the remaining $20,000 in small donations.
Here at Cooperation Humboldt, we love a good matching campaign!
  • Our large donors love knowing that their matching donations are helping us grow our base;
  • Our small donors love knowing that their contribution is doubled;
  • Our community benefits from our increased financial stability, which allows us to continue our highly impactful projects.
If you find yourself in a position to give, now would be an excellent time to do so, since you will double your impact!
It’s been a tumultuous year, and your generosity is particularly valued during these unpredictable times. We’re working hard to seize the opportunities that are inherent within each crisis and to use the challenges to catalyze systemic change here in Humboldt County. We know that another world is possible, and we’re working every day to build that world – one rooted in love, compassion, cooperation and solidarity.

Donate below or mail a check to Cooperation Humboldt at PO Box 7248, Eureka, CA 95502.