Overview of Program Areas & Projects



Economic Democracy

Care & Wellness

  • Health care
    • Keeping residents as residents (supporting medical residents to stay in our community to improve access to health care)
    • Partnership with Open Door to develop peer support based program for Medically-assissted treatment for opioid addiction
  • Child care (Parent Hive)
  • Elder care
  • Self care
    • DIY mental health cohorts
    • Integration of somatic practices at CH events

Arts & Culture


  • Internal (for core team)
    • Study groups
    • Workshops
  • External (for supporters and the public)
    • Radical Book Club
    • Conferences/Workshops
    • Media Library
    • Direct actions and civic engagement
    • Wiyot Honor Tax

Tool Library

Housing (see EcoVillage, Arts Hub, and Housing Cooperatives listed above)

Energy/Infrastructure (no active projects yet)

Ongoing Community Partnerships

  • Wiyot Tribe (Honor Tax, Arts Hub & Cultural Center, Food Forest at CR)
  • Centro del Pueblo & Freedom For Immigrants (Compassionate Migration Hosting Hub)
  • Wardrobe of Joy (free community clothing closet)
  • Redwood Coast Action Agency / North Coast Community Gardening Collaborative (greenhouse, shared workshops and volunteer events)
  • College of the Redwoods (Honor Tax, Solidarity Economy based curriculum development, Food Forest)
  • Coalition of local labor groups and nonprofits (Community Benefits Agreement)