A request 

Dear Friends,

We’re reaching out with a special request for support. While we have been successful over the past year with obtaining grant funding for our project-specific work, our general funds are quite low, and we’ve set a goal of reaching 100 monthly sustaining donors by the end of October.

So far we have 48 monthly donors – can you help us reach our goal of 100?

Cooperation Humboldt is a truly local and grassroots organization focused on addressing the roots of inequality, challenging unjust systems, and creating real-world solutions. And these solutions aren’t aimed at just the symptoms, but at the real causes of suffering. We’re changing the entire system from the bottom up.

But we can’t continue to do this work without support from our community – and that means you! Sign up today as a recurring monthly donor (just check the box that says ‘monthly’ next to the donation amount) and as a thank you gift we’re offering a free t-shirt to anyone who signs up at the level of $10/month! (The gift is totally optional – your choice.) 🙂

Recurring gifts give us the stability that comes with knowing we can pay for organizational costs like bookkeeping, grant administration, office rent, supplies and more. Without a strong administrative center, none of our amazing programs can flourish.

Will you please sign up now as a monthly sustaining donor?

Thanks for caring about our community. We appreciate you!

In Solidarity,

Your friends at Cooperation Humboldt


If you aren’t already, would you consider joining Cooperation Humboldt as a sustaining monthly donor? You can chose an amount that works for your budget from $10, $25, or more! Your contribution goes a long way to support the diverse community-centered work we do together! 


As always, please reach out to us with your own dreams, ideas, and plans. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on how Cooperation Humboldt empowers our community to build a brighter future! 

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