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Let’s talk about trees. You though we were going to say “Let’s talk about weed,” didn’t you? Well, first we need to chat about the redwoods and the tan oak, and the douglas fir, and the… well, you get the picture.

This is an imagining of The Land Office a project of the Imaginal Services Bureaux which is in turn a project of Cooperation Humboldt. We are imagining the most just use of property for sale in Humboldt County. This is a work of art. You can read our Principles or just read on…

Since settler colonialism spread across this continent the colonizers have been extracting resources at an ungodly rate (how ironic). Around these parts that meant cutting trees down. Of course, some had a longer view in mind and cut in a way that the trees would grow back in time for the next generation to cut them down as well.

But even the best intentioned settler colonizer can’t make a system that beats the one already here working in harmony with the natural environment. But if non-natives are going to stay here (and we can talk more about that later) then maybe we can find a way to do this next round of resource extraction a little better.

If we’re not just returning the land to the local indigenous population, then how about making some laws that all marijuana involved businesses up and down the supply chain must be 90% worker owned. (The 10% can be having a worker member trial period.) Seriously! We have so many tax breaks that incentivize big oil, big ag, and other strange things. How about leveraging the ability to use the brand “Humboldt” to become synonymous with “worker owned?”

There are many cannabis industry groups working to create the community they want and many cannabis businesses creating the working environment that makes the most sense for their bottom line. How about we dream bigger and use the tools we have to nudge this industry in a more cooperative way?

Butler Valley Road in Korbel, California.

The Mary Jane Worker Cooperative meets here.

If you haven’t heard of the horrible damage being done to the plants and animals in the path of unregulated marijuana capitalism, then check out the damage done by the drug cartels operating in our National Forests and surrounding areas. These biologist heroes are documenting the damage:

Integral Ecology Research Center

And anyone who has been around Humboldt should be aware of the sometimes toxic culture in the underground weed scene:

Butler Valley Road in Korbel, California surroundings.

What is the right way of resource extraction?

Legalization is spreading across the nation. Let’s lead with Humboldt being a model of how to do it right. Let’s reject the capitalist business model especially when it comes to resource extraction. This time we can try a better way.

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Here are some links to the background material:

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Here’s what the County has for you:

Previously was 430 N Street in Eureka, California.

Next is 4051 N US Highway 101 in Eureka, California. Link active on 2/19/2020.