Check Out Our New Podcast – CoHum Chats!

Cooperation Humboldt is excited to present our new podcast series, CoHum Chats. The podcast will feature guests and topics to amplify the work of Cooperation Humboldt, in addition inform and enlighten. Some of the topics to be discussed include food sovereignty, worker-owned cooperatives, and more.

Our inaugural show features economist Emily Kawano to discuss solidarity economy — what is is, how it works, why it should be favored over extractive capitalism. Joining in the conversation are Cooperation Humboldt’s Tamara McFarland, Tobin McKee and Lorna Bryant. Lorna, who brings her public radio background, is the podcast host.


The podcast will be available where podcasts are generally found (Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, etc.) in the very near future, but we are releasing the YouTube format here and now! Feel free to view, comment, ‘LIKE’ and share it on your very own social media platforms.

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Setting the Table for Conversation, March 4, 2021

Watch this lively panel conversation and Q&A with Cooperation Humboldt, Food Rescue US, The Gleaning Project, and The Works Inc. on taking action on food waste, food insecurity, and food injustice. This event was organized by the Food group in the Uniting for Action America program.


Public Banking Forum 02/23/2021

A public bank is owned by a state, municipality, or Joint Powers Authority. Current examples of successful public banks include the following:

Public banks come in many forms. They can be capitalized through initial investment by cities/states, invest tax revenues, create money in the form of bank credit, and lend at very low interest rates. The specific operations of each public banking entity is determined by the bank’s charter, which is the document that creates each bank. Public banks empower local residents to design financial solutions that best serve their communities.

Cooperation Humboldt is partnering with the City of Eureka and local leaders from the sectors of finance and organized labor on a citizens’ task force to investigate the feasibility of participating in a regional public bank.

Check out our forum on Public Banking from 2/21/2021, where  David Cobb (Cooperation Humboldt), Jake Varghese (Public Bank East Bay) and Paul Pryde describe the groundbreaking new CA law that allows for the creation of 10 local regional public banks. They also discuss the growing momentum for AB310, which would create a statewide Public Bank for California.