Free Mini Gardens for Low Income Residents of Humboldt County, CA

Our volunteers will deliver a customized small garden setup to you at no charge. It is your responsibility to maintain your mini-garden (though we're happy to offer advice and support if needed.) We are particularly interested in making these available to lower income folks who would not otherwise be able to set one up on their own, and we're asking you to decide for yourself whether you fit into that category or not.

Why grow a garden?

  • Increase your access to fresh produce at no cost to you.
  • Reduce your reliance on corporatized food system (especially in the face of potential COVID related supply chain problems).
  • Reduce your trips to the grocery store, thus keeping workers (and yourself) safer during this pandemic.
  • Help the environment by reducing your family's food miles, and therefore your carbon footprint.

We have received a lot of applications and are working through them as fast as we can in the order they have been received. It is critical to our ability to meet all the requests that we grow our crew of installation volunteers. If you're interested in volunteering to install mini gardens, please visit the mini garden volunteer information page.

Want to Help?

We welcome your support of this project in the following areas. If you're able to help, please email us!

  • Volunteer
  • Donate soil
  • Donate compost
  • Donate materials to build planters
  • Donate large grow bags (150 gallon preferred)
  • Donate plant starts (especially lettuce, strawberries, peas, cherry tomatoes)