Thinking About Becoming a Little Free Pantry Steward?

Little Free Pantry stewards are individuals or organizations who agree to host a pantry at their home, business, church, school, etc. We provide the box and signage, plus help with installation if needed (donations are welcome towards the cost of $200+ per box, but not required). The steward(s) agree to assume the day-to-day responsibility of keeping the pantry stocked, organized, and clean for the benefit of the neighborhood.

The pantries are intended to be used by the whole community - ideally attracting donors and customers from a wide array of the population; however, it's important for the long-term viability of each pantry that each one has one primary person or group committed to insuring its success and longevity.

Resources for Pantry Stewards

Are you a renter? Please have your landlord complete our Tenant Authorization Letter.

Tips for Success

  • Join our Cooperation Humboldt Little Free Pantry Facebook group and post about successes and/or challenges with your pantry project, including asking other group members to drop off donations when you’re running low (be sure to include your specific location).
  • Anytime you’re hosting a gathering at your home or office, consider requesting that your guests bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the pantry.
  • Include brochures or signage that clearly indicate that donations are welcome.
  • Talk with your neighbors about the project. Let them know why it’s important to you, and directly ask for their help/support.