Visiting Worker Bungalow

When we want to attract the best and brightest from other autonomous communities to see if Humboldt would be a good fit OR if we want to share some of our talented workers in exchange for a visit from some folks who might have something different to add to our community, we put these folks up at the Visiting Worker Bungalow.

This is an imagining of The Land Office a project of the Imaginal Services Bureaux which is in turn a project of Cooperation Humboldt. We are imagining the most just use of property for sale in Humboldt County. This is a work of art. You can read our Principles or just read on…

We were almost going to call this the Visiting Artist Cottage, but when else do we get to use the word bungalow? There may be some negative connotations to the word, but it’s just fun to say. As for changing the word “Artist” we just wanted to be clear that all working people are rock stars, worthy of our adoration and we might want to bring in traveling stone masons or nurses or ferret wranglers. Let’s not limit our options…

174 Fox Farm Road in Trinidad, California.

You’ve made it to the Bungalow. Stay awhile.

We were talking about how difficult it is to be an artist (or any worker) who needs to travel when you have a family. It’s a difficult life on the road as a family or the artist chooses not to bring the family along, punctuating their family life with many days or even weeks of distance. Some workers even forego even having a family so they can do their thing. But what if you could just make your work trips into family vacations? Well, when you came through Humboldt, this is the place where you would stay.

The kids can play in the treehouse while you relax on the spacious deck. If you like it here, we’ll find a place for you to do your work and live in Humboldt and we’ll entice the next visiting worker after your turn is up at the Bungalow.

174 Fox Farm Road Treehouse

Kids of working people have it so good…

Someone who loves to entertain will be the live in host. Neighboring comrades will chip in on the yard work and maintenance, because this place is going to take a lot of folks to keep it running. We’ll have to host some folks who have some plumbing, carpentry, and gardening skills.

And you know we love permaculture here at The Land Office, so wait until you see what we do with the landscaping. The previous owners got off to a good start. But there’s plenty of room for other projects — an animal sanctuary, a native plant nursery, beekeeping. Keep on imagining!

Extended material and more perks are available for Patrons. Please contact us to start a conversation about how you can support The Land Office of the Imaginal Services Bureaux.

Here are some links to the background material:

Assessor’s Map for 515-131-025:



Artists have residence at the Sanctuary in Arcata until we get this place set up:

The Sanctuary

Previously was 732 B Street in Eureka, California.

Next is 1711 Central Avenue in McKinleyville, California.