Heavy Metal Commune

In the beginning… we were all one. There was no left or right, no right or wrong, no up or down. Everything was one. Do we mourn the split or is that what existence is all about? Seeing the wholeness in the duality? Seeing the multiplicity in the wholeness? You can find out at the Heavy Metal Commune.

This is an imagining of The Land Office a project of the Imaginal Services Bureaux which is in turn a project of Cooperation Humboldt. We are imagining the most just use of property for sale in Humboldt County. This is a work of art. You can read our Principles or just read on…

Back in the day some of us from The Land Office identified as punk rockers, but then we discovered the groovy permaculture world of Humboldt County before we even knew what permaculture was. And then there were loggers, too.

Eventually we began to incorporate all of these seemingly disparate facets of Humboldt County culture into a cohesive identity which loves all of humanity. (We know… It sounds a little hippy-dippy.) See… What we came to realize is that we’re all going to have to live here together, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop being true to ourselves.

8455 Centerville Road in Ferndale, California.

Get to work in here.

See… Everybody wants basically the same things: Clean air, clean water, good food, a place to sleep, and healthy community. The diversity of variations on these needs is not the problem. Though the ways in which we approach getting these needs met can be problematic. But there will be room enough for all at the Heavy Metal Commune.

This enormous property has an ocean view, forest, meadows, a creek running through, and a 9,600 square foot metal shop. As the kids say, “There’s a lot going on here.”

8455 Centerville Road in Ferndale, California’s view of the ocean.

What diverse communalists are checking out this view?

So… a HUGE metal shop. Hmm… Who doesn’t dream of working with metal? And what is one of the common critiques of communal endeavors? “Yeah, but you’ll have to buy your tools and bed frames and metal things…” Okay, so we’ve never heard anyone say quite that, but you get the idea. We imagine a metalworking shop providing for all your local metal needs.

And, of course, the workers will be in a heavy metal band.

There will be farmers and bakers and admin staff (full disclosure: some of us in the office would like a place here). But there’s plenty of room for all of the crew, including a couple of loggers and millers.

You heard that right, hippy. Just because there is a connection between the racist colonization of Humboldt County and timber harvesting doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to need some wood for actual use. This parcel includes numerous forest acres that, managed properly, could grow stronger and stronger over time. We imagine a truly sustainable harvest of timber in this place, not just lip service and phony certifications.

Just imagine the heavy metal lyrics being sung over the push and pull of saws and swinging of axe blows through the forest. Kind of a forest industrial music if you will. But we digress…

In reality, everyone will need to chip in on all those practical tasks like making food, cleaning up, and getting along with others. We don’t have to wait for the perfect property to come available. We can practice right where we are, with the people around us, because sometimes you don’t choose who is on this ride with you.

Imagine the diverse crew living in this place with us and suggest your own most just use of property with us. Then get to work.

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Previously was 317 Third Street in Eureka, California.

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