Beach Safe House

Sometimes when a person has been covered by a shroud of misery for so long that person forgets what possibilities exist outside that shroud. Once that person makes the brave step to escape that confinement, they need somewhere to escape to. That place is the Beach Safe House.

This is an imagining of The Land Office a project of the Imaginal Services Bureaux which is in turn a project of Cooperation Humboldt. We are imagining the most just use of property for sale in Humboldt County. This is a work of art. You can read our Principles or just read on…

We are living in a time of crisis. Things are changing and we don’t know if they are good or bad. And while it is nice and all to suggest we just look for the opportunity in the crisis and think of this as a moment for growth it is tough when we have a boot on our neck, or we just lost our job, or our spouse just lost his job and he’s passing on the pain.

224 Beach Drive in Trinidad, California.

Here is where one can get away…

To escape comes from medieval latin, meaning out of the cloak. Imagine someone attacking a person, but the survivor leaving the attacker with only the survivor’s cloak in their hands. That cloak may have been the survivor’s, but it is what is left behind. That survivor needs a new wardrobe, a new life, a new community that doesn’t include the attacker. The Beach Safe House is like the dressing room for the soul.

We imagine this as only one of many safe houses throughout Humboldt County where survivors find some space to grieve the loss of their previous lives and try some other futures on for size. We will be needing therapists, life coaches, legal help, and friends in this world. We will need all of us to step up and be present for those transitioning to a new world.

224 Beach Drive in Trinidad, California neighborhood.

The community makes it better.

While we are no experts in the area of domestic violence we do understand that we must come together as a community to make safe spaces for those who need to flee a bad situation. This is part of our imagining of how that happens. It will take more than just good thoughts and an idea of a better world. It will take financial support of the folks doing this work. It will take action.

224 Beach Drive in Trinidad, California sleeping alcove.

Make new dreams here.

Looking through the pictures in the real estate listings we can see how beautiful this place is. While our ultimate imagining is a world free of intimate partner violence, we can imagine using places like this on our way to that future. Imagine this space for those who need a moment to try on a better reality and imagine themselves in robes of splendor, leaving old cloaks behind. We need more than a closet for this time of recovery and healing. We need a safe house.

224 Beach Drive in Trinidad, California nearby beach.

Find perspective in the ocean.

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Humboldt Domestic Violence Services (HDVS) has been serving the community for over 40 years…

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