We believe access to healthcare is a fundamental human right and should be provided to everyone regardless of wealth or income.

We support the creation of a universal single payer healthcare system. Every developed country in the world uses some form of this system except for the United States. We support creating such a system for either our local community, the State of California, and the United States.

We aim to amplify the great things already happening in the solidarity economy here on the North Coast, as well as to build our community's capacity for responsible resilience going forward. Please explore, connect with, and support the people and organizations listed below already doing great work, and/or contact us to join our work towards making this program area even more robust!


Middleway Network

Middleway Network offers free online wellness training, free professional training, and skilled mentor support.

The mission of Middleway Network is to foster the creation of new, free wellness training and educational resources for all people, giving special attention to underserved populations.


The Care Line

The Care Line is a project of the Cooperation Humboldt Care and Wellness Team in collaboration with Open Door Community Health Centers. It is the first stage of our Peer Community Health Worker program, which connects caring people with people in need of care.

The Care Line isĀ  a phone number for clients in Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid addiction to call to talk to a Peer Community Health Worker.

Clients seeking a personal connection with someone who is not a medical professional or counselor, but an ordinary person with experiences similar to their own can call to talk about how they are feeling, and to discover resources for life-enriching activities. The Care Line staff provides compassionate, non-judgmental listening, and good company.

Email Tobin McKee if you would like to provide access to the Care Line for your community.

Healthcare for All - Humboldt County

Health Care for All believes that every resident of California should have access to essential health care that is comprehensive and affordable.

A single-payer financing system has succeeded in countries throughout the developed world. Multiple findings illustrate that people in these countries have better health and enjoy a lifestyle free of anxiety and worry about how to pay for a health crisis. All of this is accomplished at a lower cost to the people and businesses.

Please join this movement! Email the Humboldt County chapter at