Worker Owned Academy

In our Worker Owned Academy, people who are serious about starting a cooperative take skill-building classes that initiate your planning and development process.

The Academy is supported by the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, which provides curriculum, peer support, mentorship, and legal support. 

Fall 2020 Worker Owned Academy 
September 17 & 24, October 1 & 8
5:00 to 6:30 p.m. on Zoom
$60 for the series – Low-income scholarships available

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Course Overview

Session 1: Foundations for Co-op Development

  • Describe your co-op idea
  • Describe the 7 Cooperative Principles
  • Experience power dynamics in group decision making
  • Begin thinking about democratic leadership

Session 2: Building a Steering Committee

  • Describe a broad initial plan for developing a steering committee
  • Outline some of the roles and responsibilities for steering committee members
  • Consider the stages of starting a cooperative

Session 3: Distributed Democratic Leadership and Management

  • Begin evaluating the financial basis of your co-op
  • Consider the division of responsibilities for business planning
  • Practice consensus decision making

Session 4: Legal Structures for Worker Owned Cooperatives

  • Consider feasibility studies and business plans
  • Connect to additional business training
  • Compare Cooperative Corporations with LLCs
  • Review Bylaws and Operating Agreements
  • Research financing options