Parent HIVE

This group is for parents and children looking for community. The Parent HIVE is a child care co-op and shared work space. We were founded so that parents may earn income while staying close to their little one(s).

If you work from home, join us in an undisturbed and shared work space with your kids. Parents who are not employed, bring your kid(s) while you contribute care for other children in our community. Nannies/babysitters come into a shared work space/play space while providing professional service.

The Parent HIVE is a safe space for parents and children to be together… Work together… and Play together!

For more information or to arrange a visit please email us at: or call our parent/child coordinator at: 707.633.3803

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Do you want to build relationships with the parents and kids in your community? Join the Humboldt Parent Hive to meet with other parents and create your babysitting network! To match with other families start by filling out our initial survey

Bees have perfected the art of organized teamwork. At Humboldt Parent Hive, we offer an on-site cooperative (communal) work and child care space, by means of currency or trade, to help parents be successful in their endeavors while providing a safe and cozy space for our children to be children. We also offer outside child care services covering businesses or organizational meetings to ensure a successful and productive discussion. Come bee a part of the hive.

The Parent Hive started as a project of Middleway Network’s non-monetary child care initiative. We are so grateful for the support and guidance Middleway Network has provided us with and we look forward to sharing more collaborations together!

Our mission is to provide a shared work space that offers an on-site childcare cooperative that accepts both trade and currency. We aspire to build community and bolster the economy by enhancing connection, collaboration and mutual growth.

Meet the Team

Sabrina MillerChild Care Coordinator

Although she has no children, Sabrina likes to consider it her responsibility to care for all the youth that she works with as if they were her own. She currently works for the Northcoast Children’s Services as a childcare provider as well as the Youth Service Bureau as a Residential Staff Member. Sabrina decided to join the Parent Hive because she believes that all parents should have access to quality childcare, even if the only means of currency they have to offer is the exchange of their time and energy. When she’s not hanging out with toddlers and teens at work, Sabrina enjoys playing in nature, working in the garden, and petting the neighborhood cats.

Aubrey SabreFounder

Aubrey is a single mother of her lively 1 year old son named Ambrose and the founder of the Humboldt Parent Hive. Throughout the weeks Aubrey nannies for multiple children and brings Ambrose along with. They both love to be moving, being outside, sharing company and just being. Aubrey highly values communication and connection, and as she continues her journey through motherhood/parenthood she sees and feels the necessity to normalize the presence of children in daily functions and activities. To not only simplify and enhance the lives of parents and children, but to also create more togetherness for the community as a whole.

Natasha FischerManager

Natasha is a full-time single mom to her magical 3 year old son Lyndon, works from home, and is the manager of the Humboldt Parent Hive. She is a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child! “I have been wanting and needing something like the Parent Hive for a long time. I am ready to make this vision come to fruition!” says Natasha.

Natalie RynneChild Care Activity Director

Natalie Rynne is a full time mom and full time student at HSU where she majors in Environmental Science with a focus in Education and Interpretation. She has almost a decade of experience facilitating activities for youth of all ages and a life long love of learning. Her mission is to empower the youth with skills they’ll need most. She is excited step into her role as Childcare Activities Director.

Christie ChildsOrganizational Director

Christie is a work-at-home mom, juggling her roles as the owner of her natural bath and beauty company, Nature Provides, and as the Payroll and Human Resources Administrator at Pacific Outfitters, all while she raises her toddler, Ona.

Why is she at Parent Hive? “It takes a tribe to raise our children. But too many parents in our community are isolated and struggle to balance work and family. Through Parent Hive, I hope to build a tribe that brings families the support they need.”

Ali Madrid — Assistant Manager

Alexandria (Ali) Madrid is full time mama to Mariana, 6 years old and runs her local business, Earthly Me as a Therapeutic Bodyworker with retail sales of locally made natural care products. She started her employment history as a nanny 16 years ago and managed a wellness center in the bay area for three years before moving to Humboldt where she could be a more active part in raising her daughter. She is passionate about a community who works together to build itself up. Her mission is to assist in facilitating the mission and vision of our project and give it wings as she plays with all the little loves we welcome on board. She is excited to step into her role as Vision Facilitator for Humboldt Parent Hive.