Community United of North Arcata – CUNA

Building a better represented community in Valley West

Our Mission

We believe that by focusing on community engagement and strategic collaboration, we can collectively work towards building a better represented Valley West.


As we begin to build trust with our city government, community residents, and local businesses. Our group hopes to develop a resource center so that community members can have access to essential services. The goal is to continue to identify community needs in order to create services, outlets, and employment for parents, youth, and other community members who are in need of support.

We are working towards developing community relationships in hopes to collaboratively create a resource center that also acts as a resilient hub, community gathering space, and educational resources for all.



Ongoing Community Support Events

Trash clean up Sunday (once a month on the second to last Sunday of the month)

Date/Fecha:  10/24

Location/Localización: Madriver PKWY E, Arcata

 Time/Horas: 11 am - 1 pm

Apoyo en Español :

This months Sponsor: Los Giles (Providing free meals for all volunteers)


Upcoming events


Art and Artisan Market at Red Roof Inn

Date/Fecha:  12/18

Location/Localización: Red Roof Inn in Valley West, 4975 Valley W Blvd, Arcata, CA 95521

 Time/Horas: 11 pm - 5 pm

Apoyo en Español : Si

Sponsor(s) & Collaborators: Area 1 Agency on Aging, Arcata Outdoor events, Red Roof Inn

Volante en Español


Las Calabazas Embrujadas

Date/Fecha:  10/31

Location/Localización: Madriver PKWY E, Arcata and Carlson Park Drive

 Time/Horas: 12 pm - 5 pm

Apoyo en Español : Si

Sponsor(s) & Collaborators: Rotary International, Ciencia Para Todos, Arcata Mainstreet, Arcata Outdoor events, Foggy Bottom Boys Farms, Tractor Supply Company.

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Access to affordable local produce

Date/Cuando:  Wednesday/Jueves

Location/localización: 1234 Giuntoli Ln, Arcata (Gravel Lot next to la Barca Taqueria) (Lote de grava alcostado de a la Barca Taqueria)

 Time/Horas: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Apoyo en Español: Si

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Previous Events

Date: July 25th, 2021

Location: Carlson Park Entryway - Madriver PKWY E, Arcata, CA

Purpose: Valley West is in need of space for culture and recreation. In adopting the entryway of Carlson Park we hope to bring more families to the area to occupy the space as well as bring neighbors together more often to get to know each other and promote a family safe area for future use. 

Method: The event will be centered around activities for parents, young adults, and children to participate in as well as 1-hour live music performance for everyone. There will be food for event attendees through a local provider. The event will seamlessly integrate an educational/informative component embedded in activities for both youth and parents. 

Collaborators: Groups who can donate, let us borrow supplies, sponsorships, performers, and organizations who want to facilitate an activity.

Humboldt County regional Transportation Plan Update

Date/Fecha:  09/13


 Time/Horas: 6 pm - 8 pm

Apoyo en Español : Si


Humboldt County regional Transportation Plan Update (English)

Trinidad Coastal Land Trust - Eventos para toda la familia

Date/Fecha:  09/25

Location/Localización: Entrada de Trinidad State Beach

 Time/Horas: 10:00 am - 11:30 pm / 12:00 - 1:30

Apoyo en Español : Si

McKinleyville Multimodal Connections Project - Redwood Community Action Agency

Date/Fecha:  08/23

Location/localización: ZOOM:

 Time/Horas: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Apoyo en Español : Si

Encuesta para tomar antes de reunión de la comunidad virtual

Pre-survey for Virtual Community Meeting

Date: July 11th, 2021

Location: Moonstone beach

Purpose: Support Trinidad Land trust in their efforts to provide a fun and educational activity for Spanish-speaking families. CUNA was part of the translation support and received compensation for the support offered during the event.

Collaborators: Ciencia para Todos, CUNA, Friends of the Dunes, Cumbre Humboldt

Ongoing Community Activities

Blue Lake Playgroup

Date/Cuando:  Tuesday and Thursday / Martes e Jueves

Location/localización: Perigot Park, 312 South Railroad Ave, Blue Lake

Time/Horas: 10 am - 12 pm

Apoyo en Español : Agosto 10, 2021 

Our Team

Oscar Mogollon: Program Director

Oscar is a program coordinator with Cooperation Humboldt and wants to create equal opportunity in Arcata, as well as economic development and growth. He is a strong communicator and has developed a strong network of supporters and collaborators to help tackle the many issues that Valley West has. collaboratively working on uniting residence, business owners, and city staff to work together in creating infrastructure that can carry our entire community forward.

Kimberley White: Community Outreach Advisor

I am a consultant, a mother of a teenage daughter, and a proud Valley West resident. I received my master's degree in Sociology with an emphasis in affordable/cooperative housing from HSU. My passion is serving my community. Currently, I have the honor to serve the City of Arcata as a planning commissioner.

Soy consultora, madre de una hija adolescente y orgullosa residente de Valley West. Recibí mi grado de maestría de HSU en Sociología con énfasis en vivienda asequible/cooperativa. Mi pasión es servir a mi comunidad.  Actualmente tengo el honor de servir en la Ciudad de Arcata como Delegada de Planificación.

Delo Freitas and Gillen Martin: City of Arcata Liaisons

Delo Freitas and Gillen Martin work in the City of Arcata’s Community Development Department. Gillen hosts monthly community litter pickups in Valley West on the first Sunday of every month (email with questions). Both Delo and Gillen are grateful to provide a point of connection between grassroots efforts in the neighborhood and Arcata’s City staff.

Laura Munoz: Participating Volunteer

Webster Ross: Participating Volunteer

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Phone number: 908-422-8538

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