Compassionate Migration Team

Human beings have fundamental rights protected by the United States Constitution and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. These rights apply regardless of one’s citizenship status, and include access to citizenship through lawful migration and protection from unlawful detention.

We uphold the right of all Indigenous Peoples to migrate freely on this continent.

Humboldt Hosting Hub

As a tangible demonstration of our deep commitment to protecting these rights and supporting immigrants, we are participating in a process to create a local hub of host families and support volunteers for asylum seekers.

This project is a collaboration between the following organizations:

How You Can Take Action

This project is currently in the planning phase. If you’d like to participate with creating the project, please check our Events page and look for the next ‘Hosting Hub’ meeting.

To learn more about the hosting process, check out the guide from Freedom for Immigrants.

If you’d like to be added as a potential host or support volunteer, add yourself to our list. (You’ll be contacted when the program is ready to fully launch.)